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About ACI Australia Limited


ACI Australia was established in 1979 as an affiliate to ACI – The Financial Markets Association. Originally known as The Australian Forex Association it changed its name in 1999 to reflect its close association with ACI – The Financial Markets Association.

Local membership is currently around 350 individuals employed in wholesale financial markets. Globally ACI has affiliated financial markets associations in 62 countries and individual members in another 12 countries. ACI globally counts some 13,000 international members.

Members of ACI are in a large part engaged within the financial trading, broking or sales environment in the global financial markets representing the Foreign Exchange, Interest Rate Products and other Securities, Banknotes & Bullions, Precious metals and Commodities and their various kinds of Derivatives. ACI is a leading global association of wholesales financial market professionals.


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To download the FX Global Code please clink onto the below link:

FX Global Code – Dec 17


AFMA and ACI Australia have established a register for Statements of Commitment (SOC) to the FX Global Code: To view the register please use the following link:    https://fxglobalcoderegister.afma.com.au



E-Learning, Attestation and Certification Portal. ACI’s ELAC provides employers and individual market practitioners in the financial sector with a high-quality adherence framework and continuing professional development solution, helping the industry reclaim professional standards in ethical conduct in a sustainable manner in line with the FX GC.     To view a short video of ELAC please use the following link:   https://acifma.com/elac

ACI Australia Dealing Simulation Video

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About ACI Dealing Simulation

Started in 1984, the ACI Australia Dealing Simulation Course offers delegates the opportunity to learn about the following:

How do I execute/manage risk on behalf of my bank or customer?

What price should I make?

What are my customers specific needs?

The course content is always being updated and recent additions include FX Forwards/Swaps as well as the generic Spot Foreign Exchange and Currency Options.

Electronic platforms are used to not only transact with other Banks but also to communicate with customers. The course lectures , presentations and workshops themselves are now aimed at a broad cross section of your staff so that not only traders benefit from the course but also e-FX Sales Staff , and Risk Managers from your Market, Credit, Compliance and Operational Risk areas, and Legal & Documentation staff. Essentially anyone that has a role that touches on the day to day activities of a Dealing Room will take away invaluable practical experience from this course , plus potential long standing market relationships.